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PUR Hot Melt for Wood is a cutting edge hot melt poly adhesive that works well to provide excellent bonding, sealing and protecting properties to wood products. It has a variety of specific functions, whether it is wood building materials, furniture, stairs, floors, kitchen utensils and other wood products, it can help you easily achieve outstanding quality, strong and durable bonding.

PUR Hot Melt for Wood has excellent bond strength and provides excellent service to wood products, protecting wood from air pollution and moisture attack. It adopts a curing process with low fixation energy and high roller blind machine, which can achieve a decorative effect with low temperature, small residue and high shape recovery rate, so as to obtain a better quality, more modern and more durable image. Also, PUR Hot Melt for Wood is resistant to humidity and modulating, forming a protective film through its strength and flat surface, which can resist erosion, aging and water pollution for a long time. It has good stain resistance and decomposition performance, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of mold and wood discoloration, so that wood can maintain a bright and beautiful state for a long time.

With the increasing popularity of wood products, environmentally friendly and organic new thermoplastic resin products are gradually replacing traditional acetaldehyde and more polluting glue. PUR Hot Melt for Wood is such a new type of thermoplastic resin, which is easy to operate, adjustable good sex, good decoration, non-toxic and hygienic, non-aging, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, etc., developed from environmentally friendly materials, providing a high-quality, environmentally friendly and durable bonding solution for the wood industry.


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